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    Warm and soft fullface hat made of merino wool, which makes the hat super soft and it does not scratch. Simply because the fibers in the merino wool are thinner than in other varieties of wool. It makes the clothes ultra-soft and very comfortable to wear. In addition to that the fullface hat is OEKO-TEX certified. That is your assurance that there hasn’t been used harmful chemicals in the production of the clothes.

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  • 22.95

    Sweet Mikk-Line mittens fantastic soft wool quality.

    The Mikk-Line mittens have a wide ribbed edge and they are without thumbs. The mittens can be tightened around the wrist with an elastic cord and are made of a delicious, felted wool quality that is breathable and has a temperature-regulating effect.

    – 95% merino wool
    – 5% polyester

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