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    Water-repellent impregnation TARRAGO PROTECTOR 250 ml allows you to provide high-quality protection of products made of membrane materials, all types of leather, nubuck, velor, as well as textiles from dirt and moisture. Impregnation in the form of an aerosol allows you to preserve the original appearance of the surface of the product and extend the period of its use due to the formation of a protective layer that prevents the formation of stains from water, salt and snow. When used, the air permeability and the original color of the surface do not change.

    Ingredients: propane-butane, emulsifiers and fluorinated resin.

    Application: Pre-clean the surface to be treated from dirt and dry. Apply the impregnation evenly at a distance of 20 cm from the surface without forming smudges. Allow the product to dry at room temperature for penetration (absorption) of the composition for 2-5 minutes. If necessary, repeat the treatment 2-3 times and leave to act for 10-20 minutes.

    Attention! Apply impregnation only in a ventilated area, do not inhale during processing.

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