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    Shepherd Borås. Warm and comfortable sheepskin slippers for babies. The slippers are an ankle-high model with adjustable velcro on the side making them fit properly. They are easy to put on and take off. The sole is made from soft suede.

    – size EU16/17 (0-3 months)– 10 cm;
    – size EU18/19 (6-12 months)– 11 cm;
    – size EU20/21 (12-18 months)– 12 cm;
    – size EU22/23 (18-24 months)– 13 cm.

    You should avoid washing this product for as long as possible. If the slippers have to be washed, we recommend that that they are hand-washed or that they are washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees on the wool program. Only use a mild liquid detergent and preferably a detergent especially made for wool. Drying the slippers should be done as natuarally as possibly, for example by letting them dry in a normal room temperature. The best way for the slippers to hold their shape after washing is to place some paper inside them. Using a soft suede brush on the product when they have dried, will return the product to its original quality. Avoid drying in direct sunlight or near to a radiator.

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    Shepherd Of Sweden Sheepskin Moheda are inner soles made of sheepskin and TEXON (compressed cellulose particle board that has a dense, firm composition and is much tougher and more durable than typical cardboard) material under it. The soles are soft and warm and keep shoes fresh. The wool is temperature self- regulating, making them ideal for use in both summer and winter. The soles are sold as a pair.
    Can’t be washed.
    Length of the sole:
    – size EU27 – 17 cm;
    – size EU28 – 17.5 cm;
    – size EU29 – 18 cm;
    – size EU30 – 18.4 cm;
    – size EU31 – 18.7 cm;
    – size EU32 – 19.5 cm;
    – size EU33 – 20.5 cm;
    – size EU34 – 21 cm;
    – size EU35 – 22 cm.

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