Par mums

The whole project is based on the old fable of mums who, having studied the offer of local shops, discovered that buying footwear for their children is not a piece of cake. Besides, we all have become hard to please and we all want the best and… different for our kids. Indeed, the era of infants in the same clothes and the same behaviour is over. We want our children to stand out from the crowd, in a positive way, surely.

In our family, there are two small kids for whom we buy clothing and footwear online. And not only for them – for ourselves, too. Some mums would think how complicated, difficult, and long online shopping is. But, in fact, it isn’t! It is quick, convenient, and easy and, as an extra bonus, you and your baby will have unique shoes, shirts, or hats.

So, navigating through online shops, we thought – why not offer children in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia something that we choose for ourselves? Then we studied the market carefully and selected some items.

We will be offering boots and shoes for little kids and some cool items for mums, nuns, and aunties. On top of that, we also stock quality gloves and hats.

We do not position ourselves as a low-cost shop because we know so well that production of quality goods employs best materials and hard-working hands.

We want to be a different shop offering kids footwear with added value, footwear WORTHY YOUR FEET.

Oh, we almost forgot. Why “2zoles” (two soles)? Because we can’t do without them, flexible, comfortable, healthy, thin, thick, black, white, pink, bluish – choose the 2 soles you like from the range we offer.