10IS un Shoo Pom

Shoo Pom is french brand inspired by the world of childhood, a light and festive atmosphere with a sweet taste. An apple smiling and that we want to eat.

The Shoo Pom collection is made from premium leather and quality fabrics. The materials are selected for their flexibility and strength. We are focused on colors, originality and innovation.

Shoo Pom first-steps shoes and walking shoes, thanks to their technical characteristics, accompany children’s growth and facilitate their good development.

  • 39.00

    Ten V2 W Print is a sneaker for children, presented here in a multicolored graphic printed canvas. Lightweight with a flexible sole for the smooth running of the foot, it has a high upper for good ankle maintenance. The lining is in organic cotton, and the insole in hypoallergenic and antimicrobial microfiber, corn-based. It is easily adjustable thanks to it self-grip straps.
    Textile upper. Removable BioEco Hypoallergenic microfiber insole made from corn. Organic cotton lining. Genuine rubber outsole.

    Length of inner sole of shoe:
    – size EU24 – 15.6 cm;
    – size EU25 – 16 cm;
    – size EU26 – 16.5 cm;
    – size EU27 – 17.2 cm;
    – size EU28 – 18.2 cm;
    – size EU29 – 18.7 cm;
    – size EU30 – 19.4 cm;
    – size EU31 – 20 cm;
    – size EU32 – 20.8 cm;
    – size EU33 – 21.4 cm;
    – size EU34 – 22 cm.

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